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artistic works

This section provides an overview of artistic works throughout the years. 

After publishing the book Instructional Design Frameworks and Intercultural Models (2009), I wanted to advertise the Culture Based Model, a framework for the design of culture-based information and communication technologies. Therefore, I created several fun videos to advertise the book.


1. The Journals of Ji is a video for the recreation of humanity through The Culture Based Model


2. Ten Reasons Your Next Launch Will Succeed

This Public Service Announcement served to promote the book.


3. Urban Tales

Urban Tales Educational Program is an authentic culture and language based instructional module that seeks to motivate culturally and linguistically diverse learners in acquiring the reading comprehension skills they need to be successful readers. It is a nontraditional attempt to curtail the stagnant academic achievement of poor and minority children by the 4th grade. The program focuses on the needs of learners in grades K-3, who are from low-income backgrounds, under achievers, and those who comprise diverse racial, ethnic and linguistic groups. One complete digital story is developed in this curriculum.

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