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Editorial Work

Young, P. A. (2014-Present). Editor of the Cultural & Regional Perspectives Section. In J. M. Spector, T. Johnson & P. A. Young (Eds.), Educational Technology Research and Development Journal: Springer.

Young, P. A. & Asino, T. A. (2016-2022). (Section Editors-Cultural & Regional Perspectives). In J. M. Spector, B. B. Lockee & M. D. Childress (Eds.), Learning, Design and Technology: An international compendium of theory, research, practice and policy in support of education and performance systems: Springer.

Lin, L., Johnson, T., & Young, P.A., et al. (Feb. 2021). Special Issue: Shifting To Digital: Informing the rapid development, deployment, and future of teaching and learning: Educational Technology Research & Development.

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